We prepare people to lead confidently into the future.

We live in unprecedented uncertainty, the kind that shakes our confidence to the core.  Take heart: there is a way to lead confidently in the face of uncertainty and our greatest teachers come from the most unlikely place, the animal kingdom. By learning from horses, living and leading their herds, we can re-ground ourselves in natural truths about leadership to become more agile and adaptive.

Established in 2004, TeachingHorse, LLC is a leadership development company. Our approach to leadership development is inspired by how horses lead their herds. We specialize in experiential learning that includes working with horses. Our vision is to advance the practice of authenticity, collaboration, and shared leadership. Located in North Carolina, we provide local, national, and global services at selected client sites.

Engaging with horses, people learn how to remain calm and confident in the face
of uncertainty, build trusting relationships and communicate with authenticity.


Contact 910-633-5890 or junegunter@teachinghorse.com to get started.

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