Client Spotlight

Let Them Bake the Cake: How a Healthcare Executive Learned to Transfer Idea Ownership from the Leader to the Group

Dr. Elizabeth Oyekan, Former Vice President of Operations & Quality at Kaiser Permanente Colorado, has viewed Dr. June Gunter as a mentor for the better part of a decade. In 2007, June helped Elizabeth lead a turn-around of a medical center in the Los Angeles area. In 2014, when Elizabeth assumed her Vice President role, she turned to June and TeachingHorse to overcome what she calls a “tremendous challenge.”

Dr Elizabeth Oyekan
Dr. Elizabeth Oyekan

Former Vice President of Operations and Quality
Kaiser Permanente Colorado

The Horse Sees the Truth: How Interactions with Horses at TeachingHorse Reflect Interactions with Team Members at the Office

Bill Buxton has served 17 years as a Chair for Vistage, a company that organizes and oversees private advisory boards for CEOs, executives, and business owners. As a leader of leaders, Bill has grown accustomed to seeking out interesting programs and speakers to share with his group. He has three criteria for whatever activity he books: it should be “fun, out-of-the-ordinary, and provide an opportunity for leadership growth.” Based on a recommendation, he decided to give TeachingHorse a try—and because of the enthusiastic feedback from the members, he will be soon taking another group.

Bill Buxton
Bill Buxton

Chair, Vistage

The Horse Didn’t Move: How Team Success Can Be Built and Maintained Even in the Face of Uncertainty

Lori Bush, Technical Lead, Learning at Cisco by day, and Cary Town Council At-Large Representative by night, has ventured out to TeachingHorse for two separate programs. She did not initiate her first experience; rather, as a member of the Friday Fellowship, she was invited to take part in a two-year leadership program aimed at returning civil discourse to the community. “I knew nothing about TeachingHorse,” she remembers, and went there “with a bunch of people I never knew before.” Like so many other leaders who experience personal and group growth at TeachingHorse, Lori decided to make a second trip, scheduling her Cisco group to go there with the objective of developing relationships among her work team.

Lori Bush

Technical Lead, Cisco
At-Large Representative, Cary Town Council


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