Facilitator Development

Our industry-recognized leadership models develop your skills as a leadership coach, not just an equine educator. Apply to become a TeachingHorse Licensed facilitator.

TeachingHorse Licensing Program


Industry Recognized Leadership Model

The Diamond Model of Shared Leadership is a simple framework to guide decision-making in the midst of complexity and uncertainty. Each of the learning experiences with horses is designed to develop individual and team capability to share leadership using enhanced skills in paying attention, setting direction, focusing energy, and being congruent.

Diversify Your Executive Offerings

Becoming a TeachingHorse Licensed practitioner provides equine-assisted facilitators an opportunity to diversify their executive offerings by equipping students with the content, technology, and delivery methods necessary to add a virtual leadership development service to their business model.

Join the TeachingHorse Network

We invest in our facilitators so that they can work with us in delivering our executive engagements. Join a network of facilitators around the world who are capable of preparing teams to lead through uncertainty.

Program Details

  • 9-week virtual training program
  • Two 2 hour Zoom calls, seven 90 minute Zoom calls
  • Three 1-hour coaching sessions ($1,500 value)
  • Pricing and sales support
  • Access to TeachingHorse app (online community)
  • Investment: $5,000 (payment plans available)

What You Will Receive

  • Co-branded TeachingHorse powerpoint
  • Electronic application guide and question card (not co-branded)
  • Diamond Model Video
  • Virtual Session Design document with producer notes
  • Option to purchase printed materials

Program Curriculum


  • Develop a rich understanding of the current context for leading organizations
  • Become grounded in the connection between VUCA, VUCA Prime, and The Diamond Model™
  • Practice using leadership tools to reframe uncertainty
  • Explore discovery conversation facilitation practices


  • Deep dive into the role attention plays in leading through uncertainty
  • Discuss practical application of placing attention at 3 levels


  • Deep dive into how to set a pace that reflects reality
  • How to alert yourself that your energy is depleted
  • How to restore your energy


  • How to balance a focus on big picture vision and tactical next steps
  • How to use attention to determine course corrections
  • Applying direction-setting principles and tools to self, other, and environment


  • Explore the upside and downside of leading from the front, middle, and behind
  • How to apply the roles in a business context
  • Understand the benefits of using shared leadership to navigate complex and uncertain environments (link to VUCA)

Business Development and Sales Support

  • Explore the realities of selling horse inspired content
  • Communicate the value proposition
  • Consultative selling 101
  • Support in developing your own business and sales pricing strategy
  • Customer relationship management

Become a Licensed TeachingHorse Facilitator

TeachingHorse Certification Program

We select the best equine facilitators and train them to conduct equine experiential leadership development engagements. Our Certification program is invite-only.

Facilitation Team

Our team has worked together to deliver a high-touch, integrative experience for our facilitators. We are excited to help you reach the next level in your business as an equine leadership development facilitator.

June Gunter

Founder & CEO

Schelli Whitehouse

Director of Programs

Abriana Johnson

Creative Director

Alex Nelson

Virtual Assistant

"The wisdom of the herd is greater than the wisdom of the horse"

Want to learn more about our programs? Email Schelli at schelli@teachinghorse.com