Let’s Be Herd is a way for people to connect through storytelling and explore those stories by applying the TeachingHorse – Diamond Model™ capabilities:

  • Attention
  • Direction
  • Energy, and
  • Congruence.

It is our belief that stories are a powerful way to connect your past thinking and present reality in a way that can transform your future.

Let’s Be Herd creates a space for curiosity and learning to explore how stories influence the way we lead our lives and how by applying the Diamond Model™ capabilities, we might discover new possibilities for the stories of our lives to unfold.

Meet the Herd

Your herd consists of Beth Hyjek,
Morgan Ridenhour and Morgan Riyami.

The Morgans

As with horses, in our podcast herd leadership is shared. Within our little herd you can find Morgan Ridenhour leading from the middle; from here she keeps things on track with her brilliant organizational skills, informed by her sizable amount of coaching experience and background in psychology. The Ridenhour Morgan is typically focused on efficiency, next-steps, and spreadsheets to help the herd with precision and goal-achievement.

Right on her 6 is Morgan Riyami, leading from the back from where she is best positioned to see the big picture, manage the timeline, and offer her coaching insights with kindness and empathy.

The Riyami Morgan beautifully balances out the herd, holding a steady spotlight on team cohesion and communication as she gently redirects everyone to keep moving towards the bigger goals.

Lovingly dubbed “The Morgans”, these two are quick to move where they are needed and are both fully devoted to helping our herd move forward with trust, compassion, and humor. Though usually behind the scenes working on editing and pulling episodes together, The Morgans are a powerful duo and an essential part of our herd.

Beth Hyjek

Hi, I’m Beth Hyjek, and I love stories. In fact, if I could have talked when exiting the womb, I know my first sentence would’ve been, “tell me a story!” And, I don’t care what the story is, it could be about your last trip to the grocery store and how you climbed up on the shelf to snatch the last can of pumpkin, lost your footing and landed on the grocery store floor, on your back, surrounded by canned goods (true story). 

Now, you can learn a lot about a person from the stories they choose to share and the offering of a story is an invitation into someone else’s world. The opportunity to connect and share stories, well, that is simply my jam…and my peanut butter and my bread, cut on a diagonal, no crust and a cool glass of milk to wash it all down.

My journey to co-creating and hosting this podcast has been a long and windy adventure. At least now, I know that in some way, I have not only found a home base for my love of story and connecting with people, but also putting to use my education in writing for the stage and screen from NYU Tisch School of the Arts (BFA) and St. Mary’s College of California (MFA). My education, combined with working with over 3,000 people from all walks of life as a facilitator and Co-Founder of TeachingHorse, LLC – a leadership development company, is a key factor that sets this podcast apart from all the others. However, it’s actually the model of leadership (the Diamond Model™) we apply when working with our clients that makes this podcast about sharing stories “unique” and “one of a kind”. 

Let’s Be Herd is about creating community, connection, sharing stories and exploring through the lens of the Diamond Model™, the “What if and What Else and How About” for any story, be it the one about the grocery store pumpkin fiasco to the “this one time at band camp” story.

So, if you love stories as much as I do, join me on Let’s Be Herd and tell me a story! This podcast is a safe place for your curiosity, learning and authenticity as we explore how stories and narratives shape our lives and how we look at the those around us, and the world.